1. Administration

    Gather information about the Administration Department.

  2. Airport

    Learn about services and hours of operation at the City Airport.

  3. Building Inspector

    Find important information about Kanab's building inspection processes.

  4. Cemetery

    Discover important information about Kanab's cemetery.

  5. Community Design & Beautification

    The revitalization of the community's downtown is considered to be a priority economic objective of the City.

  6. Economic Development

    Kanab City is interested in pursuing and maintaining a healthy level of economic growth. Such growth is a means of providing a balanced, healthy economy in Kanab.

  7. Fire Department

    Over the duration of the past 50 years the Kanab City Fire Department has evolved into an All Hazards Department. Not only do we fight fires, we also perform Extrication, Hazmat, Business Inspections, Pre-Planning of buildings, and Fire Code enforcement.

  8. Kanab City Library

    The Kanab City Library has grown in its 100 years into a multi-media facility with many vital services to enrich the community.

  9. Parks & Recreation

    Read about the various parks and how to reserve facilities in Kanab City.

  10. Planning & Zoning

    Kanab City's General Plan and Land Use Ordinance strive for a diversified economy and desirable development.

  11. Police Department

    The Kanab City Police Department has 6 full time officers, 8 reserve officers from outside the departments, 1 full time animal control officer, and 1 full time secretary.

  12. Public Works

    Kanab City owns and operates its own water and sewer utility systems.

  13. Streets

    The City of Kanab has 47 miles of streets to maintain, and 1,100 stop and yield signs to keep in good repair.

  14. Swimming Pool

    Find information about the pool, pool rentals, rules, and hours.